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鬼鬼承认有追求者|翔彩Lyu3 bu4 poetry itself did not bring much praise, seven quatrains at this time has not yet arisen, plus lyu3 bu4's identity as a military commander, scholar in the poem itself has not much praise, but the content of this poem, but let countless people, especially those born in the north, this feeling is particularly strong."Qin Ming-yue Han-shi guan, ten thousand li long march people have not returned, but make the dragon fly in, don't teach hu ma du yinshan!" Strong and powerful voice, echoed in the dead valley, with an unspeakable heroic, only listen to behind a group of hussars and embroidery, liao hua couldn't help but give birth to a feeling of blood boiling, looking at the wall, the dragon flying phoenix dance, with a murderous spirit of the big word, couldn't help but clap hands: "good, but make the dragon city fly in the mountain, don't teach hu ma du!"At this moment, the head of the heart can not help but give birth to another layer of concern, such a character, their own control?

Jizhou, YangWu.The same scene, from time to time will appear in the battlefield, a title of generals in ancient times to the fierce courage of the siege of Yuan Jun covered with a layer of psychological shadow, narrow space, fighting has gradually become fierce at the moment."Thank you, Chief." Han sui kneel on both knees, toward the new daxi bow down to the ground.鬼鬼承认有追求者|But you can't do that, Stephen had broken into a trap that had been laid beforehand, Even without a hundred thousand dollars, Sixty or seventy thousand certainly gathered together, without any preparation, defeat is inevitable, however, the five big tribes, after all, is five tribes rather than one, these military forces can't always together, plus just beat step root main force, is the least wary, lyu3 bu4 is best at fighting, is this unprepared battle.

鬼鬼承认有追求者|Jizhou, yecheng.Hiss ~A Pegasus rushed to report to the king's court, The others, under the command of several chiefs, Rapidly according to lyu3 bu4 usual teaching method for war, although from the beginning, the huns is lyu3 bu4 into xianbei court, is also doomed to be abandoned chess pieces, but in order to show their role, the tribe lyu3 bu4 but heart to operate, even tens of thousands of people to attack, break the tribe, will also pay a heavy price.

Although there are high dry military forces stationed troops in the west river, shangdang area, zhang he military forces stationed troops in the wild goose gate, but the two have become a lone army, as long as lyu3 bu4 in town here, the two men will not turn up too much spray, the final result, can only be life and death, fled."The thief will, since he does not want to keep his name, leave his life behind!" Zhang he laughed, bow and arrow, an arrow again."Master!" XiongKuoHai figure soon appeared beside lyu3 bu4.鬼鬼承认有追求者|




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