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孙静雅1051p 44分钟|周公朱砂通眠贴"What! ?" Chen GUI wenyan face suddenly become pale, Chen deng's two sons, that is the roots of the Chen clan, now unexpectedly......'don't ruin it! Seeing a cao general trying to destroy the war crossbow, xia houyuan shouted: "send someone to take these crossbows back to me!"Cao cao looked at the crossbows in his hands. After a long time, he raised his head and looked at xun you.

"Deng exhibition, Ann dare to harm my little Lord!" < / p > < p > a roar, a sharp arrow shooting like the moon, an arrow shot through the eyes of deng exhibition, followed by a sound of hooves sounded, but zhaoyun and lv lingqi arrived.Lv bu nodded, two people know the machine to retire, not for a while, rui son with Yang fu came in, looking at lv bu way: "minister see Lord.""If I had met him under the horse ten years ago, the father would be a corpse by now." Lyu3 bu4 took the wine wound that inn small 2 hand over, put a silver needle into, indifferent way, 3 unique perhaps put on the battlefield insignificant, but if be this kind of street fight cruel circumstance, they are worthy of the grand master.孙静雅1051p 44分钟|"Hey ~" zhang yun in kuai yue side sit down, shook his head: "to tell the truth, if not lv bu to family persecution too much, I would rather go to vote lv bu.

孙静雅1051p 44分钟|King huai of chu once said that if the king of qin was the first to break the qin dynasty and enter xianyang, why not give him a title of king of a different surname and first break the title of king of lv bu? If we have this promise, why should we worry about the failure of all the sovereigns in the world?" Bow down and worship."Ridiculous. How do you know those assassins were sent by my Lord?" Zhang liao sneered.

Turning a head to see a glance Yang ren, wei yan mouth pulled up a disdain sneer, you know, under the rule of chang 'an any pass, even if it is the main general to return to the city, must determine the identity, docking slogan, in order to enter the city, compared to the han army defense awareness is really not general poor.Finally, some people can not bear the feeling of oppression, plus more by the Japanese on the wall, no one doubts whether the small school will fulfill his promise, under the threat of death, many soldiers in the small school number two moment, immediately left the weapons, kneeling down.孙静雅1051p 44分钟|





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