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联合国人员遭枪击杭州长运网"No one has the right to mobilize the xiangyang army without the order of the Lord." General wang wei was indifferent."Lord! The judge looked anxiously at yuan shang.If you don't do any punishment, make up things I'm afraid to pacify, is also a kind of protection for xu chu, if xu chu to continue as before, could have caused a lot of blame, now cao xu chu's office to pare off, everyone didn't dump on the excuse, after this matter is getting cold down, give xu chu to office.

"What are six parts? Gu shao a face doubt way."Ashamed." Gan ning smiled sadly and said to lu lingqi, "if you will believe me, and give ning three days to summon the old ministry, after three days, you can join me near xiaguou, rather than help miss cross the river."Chen gong has, in accordance with the contents of lyu3 bu4 sent letters mentioned began to organize some experienced farmer field trials in the coming year to study how to improve production of all kinds of food, that there was grain in hand, heart, don't panic if this time last year, even lu bu also can't take the time to get these, that's a few years may not have the result, but as the input of the some high yield crop introduction, greatly reduce the demand for Labour of lu bu in agriculture, the people after the problem of adequate food and clothing, will naturally begin to pursue some of the problems on the quality of life, Also let many experienced farmers willing to accept the government's employment to do these things.联合国人员遭枪击...

联合国人员遭枪击See pang tong again, the whole person has lost a circle, originally some heavy mood inexplicably relieved a lot, smile way: "shi yuan this period of time hard, in a moment to withdraw some salary, I am the master, to help shi yuan salary doubled.Seems to be the final winner of cao cao, also not the winner, is to help him get a water will lyu3 bu4 DongZhengJun demise, similarly, the whole get water basin, way ten counties, the waters a put, lyu3 bu4 withdrawal, afterward matter falls on his head, lyu3 bu4 can relax to hebei north to farmland, expand the territory, the pace of cao cao, however, is the flood in the JiNa, this battle, there are no winners, but really lose is hebei family.

"Don't worry." Several times shake head and smile way, looked at a look around the soldiers, eyes flash a sigh of look, here, no one dare to disobey the Lord."Thank you, champ, for your kindness." Zu su puffed out his chest and looked at lv bu: "the champion hou's subordinates are not embarrassed and awarded. They are not worried about food and clothing. However, the loyal officials do not serve the two masters.联合国人员遭枪击




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