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斗战神多少级飞升养肉食狗"Kill ~""Yes!" Ma dai smell speech can not help but exultation, hurriedly took the weapon to find a mount to follow d out of the city.Chen gong pointed to the map and said: "As for the west cool people, Ten days to go, Our army can station troops in the three counties of Zuofeng Yihuaili, Wugong and Maoling. These three places are the only way for the army of the west cool, Master can send three general to garrison, The enemy of future crimes is here, Master is close rate military forces, gather to wipe out jun, Korea hence marten is instigated by zhong yao, if the master can quickly annihilate jun, one can deter marten Korea hence, two to west cool army thousands of miles, consumption will be heavy, jun a defeat, west cool army will not do their best, then master only need to send eloquent people to west cool, sink the interest, west cool army since retreat. "

Xiongkuo haiwen speech had to shut up.Beautiful millet city, different from lyu3 bu4 side of the easy, even know that the han people have left, but call kitchen spring is still on pins and needles, especially know that the han people military forces are not far away, but also have a feeling of bows and snakes.斗战神多少级飞升"What is it?" Army hou smell speech, wanted to think.

斗战神多少级飞升"Kung-tai?" Lyu3 bu4 looked back and smiled in amazement. "It's so late, why haven't you gone to rest?""Ah?" Zhou Cang stared: "But now we only less than two thousand people, how to move? And master your set of things, subordinate I will not ah.""Monseigneur, why stop the march, the enemy will soon catch up." A military hou came forward, anxiously looking at zhong yao way.

"Xilv ~"Outside the window of the lake, vegetation has germinated, a glance, full of spring, with the attic, melodious music like a stream gurgling, slowly flowing in the elegant courtyard."Master, I didn't expect lyu3 bu4 will react so quickly, so, want to gather d, and much more difficult." Hanyang, ji county, into GongYing liang xing sent intelligence to Korea hence way.斗战神多少级飞升





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