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明祎影视|培训企业名录"My lord horse on the day of luoyang, bright is to give up an official position, also want to protect the yuan. Zhuge liang shook his head and never gave way.Tardif struggled to raise the halberd to meet, only listen to the crisp sound of the bell, crescent halberd off rather than, tardif frightened, saw Xing Daorong rushed from the side, where dare to fight again, also regardless of to pick up their weapons, turned the horse's head and ran.Depressed hum 1, huge force directly tardif shot down, huang zhong has rushed to the front, put down the bow, picked up the broadsword from the horse, to jiangdong soldiers is a chopping.

"Some soldiers, prepare to siege!" Zhuge liang shook his feather fan, look is a su, then the main force of the battle, is shu army and jingzhou army, guanzhong elite for a while can't come, soldiers fighting and army number similar, next, nature will see who he and pang tong is better.Cao Cao glanced at Kong Rong, looked at Liu Xie again, with a sigh in my heart, Although lyu3 bu4 seal king have that piece of seal, By this time, There's nothing to stop it, But at least it's not going to make sense, At least he had reason to deny the authenticity of the seal, But this seal, is lyu3 bu4 trophies, really is the court, at the beginning of the year, in order to strengthen their prestige, liu bei and others but spare no effort to publicize the effectiveness and authenticity of the seal to the world, originally want to inspire governors fighting spirit, who want that battle to the end will be like that?Early in the morning, the street is an excited crowd, one by one street to discuss what, restaurants are gathered in the school of students, one by one excited about what to discuss.明祎影视|On the other hand, tardif was guan yu that waved two knife frightened heart and gall, fled back to the city, had been ready to face jingzhou army, who knows guan yu didn't siege, but retreat back to camp.

明祎影视|Dense hollow sound into a piece, continue to shoot at each other's rattan shield, and the damned three rattan shield, although from time to time there are pretty arrows in the army, but compared with the past mowing attacks, such sporadic damage obviously can't let wei yan satisfied."Just two hundred people, also dare to clamor here, you go to YuanMen open, prepare archers, a home to see, this head, he tardif dare to take!" Guan yu stuffy hum 1, harsh voice drink a way.

Hastily unfolded the letterhead, Just looking at it, looking at it, Liu Bei's face darkened, In his letter, Zhuge Liang did not complain that Liu Bei had rushed to war with Jiang Dong, But the cutting of Shu could not go on, Pang Tong in Shu now will be the location, people and all occupied, Not in a short time, and there was not enough hay in Jingzhou for Zhuge Liang to fight for a long time, Therefore, zhuge liang let yan yan retreat to yiling, since the army along the river, will arrive in a few days, as for jiangdong, zhuge liang told liu bei, cao cao, please fight together, and must be quick, before spring break jiangdong, zhuge liang will directly with the army of shu and guan yu.Tardif saw that the other side no longer ran away, Heart is a joy, but now see each other issued a fierce growl, even someone constantly with weapons slapping his chest, the momentum, tardif also unconsciously a shiver in the heart, behind the jiangdong soldiers is suddenly burst out of the momentum to startle each other, have stopped.明祎影视|




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