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天然气股票福婷运动燃脂魅腿鞋Lyu3 bu4 put on clothes, sitting on the side of the bed, the mind did not lose the ability to think because of extreme hyperactivity, but become more calm, indifferent to sit on the bed beside the tub, cold to see the woman's delicate body against the tub slowly slipped, but still immersed in the aftermath of a long time can not return to mind."Don't mess around, I'm here!" Begging fu goyang stood up, want to drink to stop the soldiers around, a frightened horse from behind, begging fu goyang suddenly, was hit off the ground, people in the air, a mouthful of blood spurted out, rolling to the ground, is about to get up, a panic foot soldiers galloping past, didn't care about the people rolling on the ground."Suddenly, there's something you need to do." Think clearly of the fierce, lyu3 bu4 nature can't let LanZhan this woman behind the wind and rain and indifferent, passively beaten, see recruit demolition, has never been lyu3 bu4's character, his idea, is to attack instead

Lyu3 bu4 smell speech smiled, smiled and said: "bing is my hometown, who can trapped me? Pound listen to orders!""Master, step root this time but with twenty thousand troops, the TaBaJi powder and begging fu tribe, only more than ten thousand military forces, even if not win, also won't lose?" Sentence tu and upright when standing behind lyu3 bu4, puzzled asked.At the foot of the male broad sea ran like the wind, heard the rear wind ring, the subconscious flash, but zhang he this arrow tricky, male broad sea although with instinct to avoid the key, but the arrow or shot through his shoulder, male broad sea stuffy hum 1, step didn't stop, quickly rushed out of the gate.天然气股票As for training a female soldier? Lyu3 bu4 can not that idea, time does not allow, and there is no need, after this battle, if the women want to, he will send them to the western regions, Addis, night owl camp work, is hidden in the dark, spying on intelligence, assassination, rather than direct combat, these women in this regard, perhaps more appropriate than men.

天然气股票On the tower, see d retreat, zhang he not without excitement way: "strategist, this is the time to pursue the enemy.""Well, I'll arrange for you as soon as possible, and I wish Timuzhen brothers an early success. If this battle can be won, I'll make you ten thousand families, and allow you to form your own tribe." Qui-tou laughed aloud.What happened this time? Cao cao puzzled at all: "lyu3 bu4 into bing?"

This let lyu3 bu4 in their eyes, Like a layer of monster power, Even now lyu3 bu4 just with a team QinBing forward, Even with 30,000 troops standing behind them, But at the moment, see lyu3 bu4 that moment, instinctively or some timid, even TaBaJi powder in hearing lyu3 bu4 opening, instinctively toward the principle of Murong GUI direction to hide for a while, and Murong GUI also made the same action, afraid of each other and just deal with Kirby can give yourself a knife.Intuition told him that something he didn't know was going on in the dark."Master rest assured, will not lose the trust!" Zhang embroidery step forward, bow down to take life, after all, once for a vassal, this is stronger than others, in addition to embroidery ability, lyu3 bu4 took away a large number of conference semifinals elite, plus hetao is becoming more stable, with him, also enough to deter the hu.天然气股票




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