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真倚天屠龙记乱码|七白溪祛斑霜"Well!" "The nighthawk bowed hurriedly.The next morning, the day is not yet bright, the Yangtze river, the night was filled with fog, standing on the river, looking, ten feet away things have been unable to see, as if in a vast expanse of white.Plumes of smoke rising up, but it doesn't make any sense, smoke fog wrapped, don't say miles above, are ten zhangs outside all may not be able to detect, as for everyone else, could guild wars, was from the ledge to climb up the beacon tower people in the middle, very know machine lost his weapon, kneeling on the ground, no one wants to die, even if it is a soldier in the case of this resistance is obviously dead, also few people willing to moment.

"Without sending troops from luoyang, the 6,000 elite troops stationed in hanzhong by the Lord gong tun alone could defeat the 100,000" male soldiers "!" The method is confident way, specially accentuates the accent in the male soldier two words.(there was a time difference. Zhou yu was groping around in the fog to reach huyang. By then, zhou an had been almost wiped out.Ma liang nodded. That was a good excuse.真倚天屠龙记乱码|"If we go on like this, the yizhou family will be finished!" < / p > < p > zhang song looked at meng da sent back the news, complexion is not good, how to say, he is also a member of the family.

真倚天屠龙记乱码|"Hey ~""What do you think of cloud chang and han sheng?" Liu bei rode with guan yu, huang zhong and shi tao in the camp of princes, looking at cao junrong and quietly asked."I'll delay their reinforcements, remember, quickly!" Zhou yu removed the cloak from his shoulders.

"Well!" "The nighthawk bowed hurriedly.Guan yu sneered. If it was just an ordinary crossbow, zhuge liang had designed enough crossbows.Then cao cao placed wang Yin in a special tent and asked the princes to choose 200 soldiers to guard the song mountain.真倚天屠龙记乱码|




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