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622hh|专门卖杯子的网站Behind the hush-riding camp, pang DE and guan hai, with yue shi, tu gezhi and sun shi, arrived from the ride. In the despondent eyes of liu bao, they followed the gap torn by lu bu and the hush-riding camp and rushed in like a tide, like a huge wave covering the sky and covering the earth.Copycat is not big, but hundreds of people, until the end, the scene of blood fighting in the imagination did not appear, when the head of the zhaizhu was mentioned in front of a female soldier, lv lingqi slightly proud way: "uncle zhou, how?In a teahouse in xiangyang, zhou cang with four guards found a remote place to sit down and drink tea. Wenfeng flourished in jingxiang, and the teahouse industry naturally flourished.

"You immediately take people to first zero qiang, with the first zero wang said, we can let bygones be bygones, but first zero qiang must surrender to my huns. "If not, it will be the first zero race, razed to the ground!""Do you know why I don't want you as my general?"At this moment, han meng finally saw the face of the other side, but the momentum did not stop, he can not retreat, there is no way out, if he can not break through the front of the army and horses, for him, the city of chang 'an, is a dead end.622hh|"Uncle zhou, how is it? As good as a man?" Lu lingqi looked at zhou cang proudly.

622hh|Looking at the eyes of a silver white world, lv bu heart sighed, this problem, can only be solved in the next year.The earth began to tremble slightly, and the cattle and sheep began to get restless and stop eating grass. The old herdsman drove the cattle and sheep to leaveThe old hound ran anxiously up and down beside his master's horse, calling twice from time to time in the direction which seemed so dangerous to him, and getting nearer and nearer, that he could see him clearly.The first month, for the people, is the most idle period of time, the weather is too cold, almost all people nest in their homes, for the next year to do a look forward to what, but for the group led by lu bu, this period of time is definitely not idle.

Poop-poop poof ~Juyan city, post station.Cool lu bu is now the world of Chinese and western, hetao nor safe, as for the central plains warlord, Korea hence did not even want to think, whether lombardi or cao cao, alone the huns, will never let him, for now, it seems that also can only walk to the west, zhang ye, the silk road, west thirty six countries, to discuss with skill, not dominating the silk road, but where one party will be a problem, is also afraid of can't live?622hh|




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