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海青照片|帮兴"Miss, here or huangzu defense area, please miss hurry to ship, under the escort miss jiangdong." Gan ning a fist way.People like iron!"Huh?" Cao Caowen subconsciously looked, observatory twenty feet high, add up to a post, the foundation, basic industry and city walls have flat, turned to look at the moment, but see yecheng wall that one by one, which see the past at the moment is what soldiers, is clearly a wore armour remainings, face can't help a change: "is not good, be giffin saw clue!"

Although thinking of these, but the match can not say, can only accompany yuan shang stood outside the camp, feng ji, match and others have been allocated grain, the first batch of soldiers have begun to leave for yecheng.'get down! Cao cao's voice was not loud, but his words were very heavy. In xiahou dun's memory, this was the first time cao cao spoke with himself in such a heavy tone."Maybe." Yang fu smiled a little, no longer entwine this matter, turned to look at a group of jingxiang famous scholars, smiling gongshou said: "heard jingxiang place, brilliant, heroic, fu this is with the sincerity of my Lord and the public, also hope you can be public and private, do not want to imitate the common street hubbub fu.海青照片|To begin with, also can maintain some formation, but as the tentative d rounds, behind the formation of mess up gradually, many soldiers have forgot what formation, casting its feet rush out in the snow, the mood quickly spread to the front, CAI also unable to stop the slump, unless he has ability to kill d, just... Is that possible?

海青照片|"This...... "Li ru looked at lu bu strangely. What do you think of yuan shang's weakness?"The governor of protocol?" Lu xun and gu shao qiqi silly eye, what official position is this?"See general huang at the end." < / p > < p > but see huang zhong with liu qi came to a school outside the garrison house, guards to see huang zhong, hurriedly came forward to wait.

Throwing the gun close to li dian's ear, although the people avoided, but Marco is not so alert, throwing the gun directly through the neck of the horse, horse shied, in the running forward a fall, crash to the ground."Zhao zilong, you want to die!" Zhang fei was completely angry, zhang ba snake spear as the dragon like stab zhaoyun, guan yu saw zhang fei suffer, hurriedly rode to come, leng yan saw directly split to lv lingqi."Retreat, general. We are now down to less than two thousand men. < / p > < p > deputy will come up, bitter looking at guo yuan, begged.海青照片|




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