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男朋友抱着我在教室做|真假美猴王游戏机"Obviously is a trap, a trap to bury the main xianbei king's court, this is by no means a TuBaTribe can play, the TuBaJi powder even if again stupid, also can't rely on their own to resist the anger of the whole xianbei king's court, look at it, Murong, Ke Xin, to jin and that Ke Bi can these people I'm afraid have to participate, step roots will be defeated.""Quickly open the city!" Chen Xing impatiently waved and snapped.Xin Ping opened his mouth, Finally can only helplessly sigh, He agreed with the match, Cao Cao's conquest is now at a critical juncture, There is no room for error, Xu togeher is an unstable factor, Since has come to this step, even if not kill, also shouldn't let go, looking at lombardi, finally also can only euphemistically way: "master, xu ziyuan although there have been, but our army is now the time to use, northwest business tiger with seal wolf in xu tiger, business tiger, only with zhang he, falling in grant, may not be able to block, let xu togeher do meritorious service?"

Chen Xing looked at the back road was broken, the wall on both sides is arrows such as rain, there is no retreat, under a moment of oversight, unexpectedly will be trapped in the Jedi, see coss in the army killing like mowing grass, eyes canthus to crack, a pike, rapped out: "dog thief, can dare to fight with me!"Seeds of distrust, Not only in the sword of two leaders, even under their soldiers, if you know the army, can see, now the thirty thousand troops in the barracks, in fact, is divided into a small group, distinct from each other, such a coalition, even if the number of people, in fact, in lyu3 bu4 view, no longer have a threat.A scholar will see xu togeher a blank face, can not help but dare to say: "adult and cao gong have old, why not abandon the secret?"男朋友抱着我在教室做|"Why haven 't the beggars been notified yet?" Step root suddenly frown way.

男朋友抱着我在教室做|In front of outsiders, Especially in front of his men, Xu togeher still pay great attention to lombardi majesty, At the moment, all the way back to lombardi camp, but also at this time, match sent messengers will also match the letters xu togeher to lombardi hand, which also match some suggestions, and xu togeher without knowledge, with people straight to lombardi main camp, full of joy to show merit.Hmm ~Cao Cao-wen said, glancing inadvertently across the country, but seeing that the country was slightly imperceptible, nodded his head and said, "What Gongda said is very good."

"Jin Lianchuan!?" D three people smell speech a dismay, d some hesitation way: "strategist, jinlianchuan is the western xianbei lair, just guard military forces, not less than thirty thousand, its military forces is not less than two hundred thousand."Chapter sixteen three-legged trendThis is lyu3 bu4 decision, not to be changed, as long as bing, wei yan there troops in luoyang and dong zhuo occupied luoyang at that time to form two completely different situation, bing, harmony cool and luoyang will be one piece, form a whole, rather than dong zhuo at that time alone deep, all around the enemy's situation.男朋友抱着我在教室做|





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